Quadrant Shower Enclosures

As arguably one of the most popular shower trays on the market, rivalling the traditional square and rectangular shapes, the quadrant shower tray is a versatile choice for any bathroom when coupled with a quadrant shower enclosure. Their ever-growing popularity stems from the quadrant shape as they have two flat sides perfect in the corner of the room, while the curved sliding doors maximise ease of use when entering the enclosure. Effortlessly stylish and available in an offset variation, the quadrant shower enclosure is available in a range of sizes to complement almost any bathroom space. If you're looking for perhaps a more minimalist design, then consider the ultra-modern frameless quadrant shower enclosure whose doors appear to float, when opened and closed gracefully. With a wide range from the leading manufacturers to choose from, you can be sure to find the perfect enclosure for your bathroom.

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Hydrolux 4mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure 900mm
Save £15.00 £195.00
£180.00 inc
Diamond Frameless Quadrant Shower Enclosure 800mm - 8mm
Save £20.00 £295.00
£275.00 inc