Ceramic Kitchen Sinks

Ceramic kitchen sinks are a popular addition to your country home. However, with an ever-increasing number of modern designs incorporating the traditional home, ceramic kitchen sinks add a touch of class to modern kitchens alike. This hard-wearing material is renowned for stain and heat resistance. Your kitchen sink can be returned to high gloss grandeur with a simple wipe of a wet cloth while meeting the demands of hot pans and light impacts. It doesn't stop there, due to their non-porous gloss finish, ceramic sinks actively promote hygiene as they do not harbour dirt or germs that commonly build up as a result of busy kitchen living.

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Armitage Shanks 600mm Belfast Heavy Duty Sink S582701
Save £24.71 £307.89
Armitage Shanks
£283.18 inc
Twyford 610mm Belfast Sink FC1271 - FC1271WH
£334.13 inc
Twyford 465mm Cleaner Sink FC1034 - FC1034WH
£461.77 inc